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Jobs are needed for Deaf people...

Everyone knows that jobs are difficult to come by these days.
Please imagine that in addition to searching for a job, if you were unable to communicate and had the stigma of being thought of as 'disabled'?
Deaf people are as intelligent any other job seekers - often far more intelligent.  Yet because they cannot hear, many employees will  not even consider them for a job.  That is truly discrimination, but rather than looking for justice they just continue to look for a job.  Many Deaf job seekers don't have the time to fight for equality - they (as you and I) need to earn money to live.  They want a job.  Same as anyone.
If you know of any job openings and would be willing to pass that information on to people who are Deaf, please let me know and I will make sure the information gets into their hands.  If you are an employer, HR representative or simply work at a business that is currently hiring - and would be willing to consider hiring a Deaf person, I would be more than happy to pass that information along as well.

Please note:  This only pertains to actual employment and hiring opportunities - not any home based or any multilevel type of companies.

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