Sign Language Interpreting Services (SLIS)

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ASL Classes

Classes (when possible always look for a class with a Deaf teacher):

I have had to update this page since my contacts for Deaf teachers are no longer available.

But here are some suggestions that might be helpful.  It will take some research - so depends on how much you want to learn ASL.

The first 3 below are my top suggestions:


1) Google - Google  Google -  Try googling 'Sign Language Classes' or 'ASL Classes' - see what you can find.


2) - There is a website that I found where you can post you request for a sign language teacher or tutor.  Click the 'Learn Sign Language' link on the left (you have to scroll a bit to see it - it's under For Hearing People).  You can post your request and get a reply.  OR you can view the the requests that were posted by other people.  You'll see there are some responses - so you can possbily contact Deaf teacher/tutors directly.  The website is Colorado based.


3) Free online classes ("Start ASL" online classes.)


4) Front Range Community College at Westminster or Colorado Springs ASL programs (for the serious minded and anyone interested in becoming an interpreter) - or call them at 303-404-5000 (ask for IPP dept)

5) Arapahoe Community College ASL classes... (levels I & II)


6) National (& Colorado) ASL programs (for the serious minded)...


7) Colorado Free University Sign Language classes (if this link isn't updated, try and do some searching...


8) Colorado Community Church (303-783-3838) - they occasionally offer free ASL I classes taught by a Deaf person, so call and ask.


9) You may want to check out any local schools in your area for 'Continuing Education' and ask if they are offering any ASL classes.   Also try any local churches.


10)  Don't forget to try out YouTube - perhaps search for Beginning ASL or something like that.




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