Sign Language Interpreting Services (SLIS)

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About me....




My name is Annie Brobst and I am a nationally certified Sign Language Interpreter. 
I am a freelance interpreter and have a small locally based business called Sign Language Interpreting Services.  As a freelance interpreter my fees are lower than agency fees (usually considerably so) and I have more flexibility.  I work with other interpreters, sign language professionals and signers so when I myself am not available I am almost always still able to ensure sufficient coverage for whatever your needs.

 I am nationally as well as state certified and have worked as an interpreter in the Denver and North Metro and surrounding areas since 1998.  I interpret for a number of facilities including medical offices, hospitals, businesses, government offices and a great variety of other groups.  I have a good deal of experience in the medical field and am already contracted with some of the local HealthONE hospitals. 
My husband Carl and I are very involved in the Deaf Community and consider ourselves blessed with Deaf friends.  As all interpreters, I owe a great debt to the incredible people in the Deaf Community, as they are my teachers and always my biggest encouragers.   For a while we had the fun and privilege of being members of the Rocky Mountain Colorado Deaf Bikers (RMCDB).  Our Deaf friends opened up their world to us and changed us forever.

I am a member of the Metro North Chamber of Commerce and am a great believer in small business.  I am also a longtime member of the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.









Sign Language Interpreting Services

Annie Brobst, M.S., B.A., A.A.S.

NIC National Certification, CEIC Colorado State Education Certification

Henderson, Colorado



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